Sustainable is defined as the ability to continue over a period of time. Sustainability in Civil Engineering means the desire to perform activities without any depletion of resources and bringing any harmful effect on the environment. Practising sustainable construction methods will help to avoid harmful effects from construction activities. The theme is chosen for this event focus on sustainability leading to a better nation especially within the Civil Engineering field.
Hence, SiCEx2021 (Sustainability in Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition) had chosen the best theme in order to help the nation to live in a better life. The theme “Prevention of Disaster: Towards Zero Flood and Healthy Water Resources for A Better Nation”. This theme is chosen as the pioneer because flood and clean water resources are one of the major problems that our nation is currently experiencing throughout the year. Hence, SiCEx2021 can be the best medium to resolve these issues.


To produce competent, creative and innovative participants who can solve civil engineering problems within the global, societal and sustainable development contexts

To produce participants with good leadership qualities and communications skill who can engage in engineering task both independently and as a team

To produce participants with professional and ethical attributes

To produce participants who are engaged in continuous pursuit of knowledge through research continuing education and professional development activities